Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Chapter 2: Interesting News

The next month was already looking up. Rowan and Ben became quick friends, and soon romance was stirring. He stopped by her place after work almost every day. Though he never spent the night there, they did share a bed often. Rowan had found something in this small town that she never expected to find; love.

As Ben's work became more demanding, they began to see less and less of each other. While she missed him, she did have to admit that she had been putting off her painting for far too long. She used her freed up time to continue with her work, selling some paintings around town to keep the bills paid. It didn't take long for her outlook to change, as she became well acquainted with her toilet.

At first she thought it was nothing, maybe some bad take-out. But as it persisted, she began to wonder. Should she call Ben and share her fears, or wait until she knew for sure? She was beginning to realize just how little she knew about him. Did he want a family? Was she even ready for this? Her mind was reeling before she even knew if there was anything to worry about. She quickly grabbed the morning paper, hoping to take her mind off of things. As she got towards the end, she froze. Sitting innocently on the page was a small marriage announcement. Benjamin Pearce and Tonya Hartigan. She stared at the names on the page. What were the chances of there being two of them in the same small town? As she read the rest of the article, it began to make sense. They had apparently been together for quite some time, and were expecting a child soon. No wonder he never let her visit his home, or even go out on the town together. She sighed and threw the newspaper down, she needed a drink.

She tried calling Ben a few times the next day. She wanted an explanation, but as she kept getting his voice mail she began to realize that none would be had. There was nothing she could do now but to get on with her life. It was too bad that fate wouldn't let her off that easy. It was official, she was pregnant.

Challenge Notes:

I actually forgot to mention what Rowan's traits were last time. She's artistic, brave, adventurous, virtuoso, and I forget the last one. For the record, this actually did happen. The second she found out she was pregnant, story progression popped with a message that good ol' Ben got married. And that they were expecting. I swear, Story Progression gives me enough drama, I don't even have to make anything up! Sorry for how long this took. Everytime I went to go write this up, I got stuck because silly me forgot to take pictures of this point in her life.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Chapter 1: Welcome to Longview

Rowan McAllister had moved to Longview to pursue her career as an artist. It was late at night when she finally arrived to her new two bedroom home.

'No more fooling around' she thought to herself. This was her chance at a new life. A life full of fullfilled dreams. She immediately got to work.

The second bedroom was perfect for her studio. She hoped to even save up enough to get a guitar soon. She had always wanted to learn.

It wasn't long before she was forced to leave her studio to pick up some groceries and books. At least it would give her a chance to check out the new town she was now calling home. It wasn't hard to find the grocery store downtown, conveniently beside the local bookstore. Maybe they had an art museum too? Before she had a chance to check, she ran into a rather handsome man.

Benjamin Pearce, he said his name was. After the brief introductions and trademark "you must be new here", he immediately began flirting with her. Rowan grinned, recognizing a smooth talker when she saw one, but still, she found herself interested in him. She was so engrossed in their conversation, she failed to notice the woman watching the two intently.

Even after she headed home to make dinner, she couldn't get Ben out of her mind. He was really something. He seemed rather obsessed with his career in politics, even though he was just a glorified 'Yes Man', but he dreamed big, like her.

That night, she awoke to the sound of her door opening. She immediately grabbed her cell off her nightstand and called the police, but a town this small, what were the chances of them getting here on time? Not bothering to put her clothes back on, she stepped into the main room to find the burglar, complete with cliche outfit, heading towards her studio.

(Yea, that don't fly with me)

After tackling him and successfully making him cry for his mommy, the police finally showed up. 

The rest of the week was just as bizarre. 

While doing laundry one morning, her washing machine decided to go AWOL. Not knowing what else to do, she called the repairman (well, lady). As she worked on the machine, Rowan went to finish up some dishes... only for the sink to break down. 

Rowan sighed. Things were not looking as good as she had hoped they would be when she moved here. What else could possibly happen next?

Challenge Notes:
This is not only my first generation, but also my first legacy challenge AND my first sim blog. If you have any suggestions or feedback on what you'd like to see, leave a comment! My roll for this generation is single parent, one child, primary profession artist. Her goal is 'Opportunist' and the misc fun is 'Born with it'. Almost feels like cheating with gen 1, though that does mean I can't really change her looks when she ages and all that. I think all i'm gonna allow myself for changing with her is her clothes.

About her goal, it's going to be tough going! Her first and ONLY oppourtunity has so far been to bring a painting worth more than $750 to france... So far her paintings are selling at $50, so, this will take awhile to complete :P